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 Dell Venue Pro Cell phone.

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PostSubject: Dell Venue Pro Cell phone.   Thu Sep 22, 2011 6:49 pm

The Dell Venue Pro is one of the latest smart phones to to enter the market in what is a strong already crowded field for do everything phones. The smart phone is based on the Microsoft Windows Telephone 7 platform, and is one of the first smart phones to emerge from Dell's laboratories. The phone offers a number of useful features in any sleek and attractive claim. It is the Windows 7 alternative to popular the Android namesake, the Dell Thunder. Depending on whether that you are more of a lover of Android or Replacement windows Phone 7, you may want to opt for the Thunder as opposed to the Venue. However, no matter that you choose, you will enjoy a capable smart phone that might handle many modern duties without breaking a perspiration. This article will describe some of the features of the Dell Locale Pro.
The first thing you are likely to notice when you go through the Dell Venue pro is definitely its brilliant 4. 1 inch WVGA Amoled screen. It is made of gorilla glass, which is designed to be extra resistive to make sure you both scratches and outright breaking or cracking. The screen also features multi-ply touch technology, which means you can perform lots of functions such as swiping, swooping, pinching, zooming, and of course, sliding, typing, and texting.

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On the back of the Dell Venue Pro can be a 5 megapixel camera, which is capable of taking surprisingly decent pictures inside the daytime, although if you need the best performance in the course of night or indoor types of conditions, you will want to get with the built within flash. At the the surface of the phone itself you will seek a 3. 5 mm headphone jack, which will be a welcome sight for many who enjoy listening to music when not using their smart phone being a phone. For connectivity alternatives, you can take a look at the micro USB port that is on the bottom end of the device.
Perhaps the most notable ingredient of the Dell Venue Pro mobile after the brilliant, blazing screen, is the slim not to mention sleek slide out QWERTY keyboard added to the phone. Although it seems because if every smart cell phone on the market these days comes having a digital keyboard, the facts are that not everyone wants a really keyboard, and it are often very advantageous to have a physical keyboard that intend tactile feedback. The keys are firm and made of rubber, and the mechanism to get sliding the keyboard in and out manufactured well and responsive.
Inside the Dell Venue Pro, you will find a Snapdragon processor, which is capable associated with speeding the smart phone through all sorts of tasks without breaking all the way down. The Windows Phone 7 operating system included in the phone feels fast and also responsive when clicking by menus and opening together with closing apps, although the speed of someone app will depend a great deal on the quality from the app and how much memory that is free around the phone.
Overall, the Dell Venue Pro can be an attractive choice for people looking for a media capable smart phone that packs many features into a small-scale package.
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Dell Venue Pro Cell phone.
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