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 Usb Extension Cables

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PostSubject: Usb Extension Cables   Usb Extension Cables I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 14, 2011 3:42 pm

With the help of USB, users got the flexibility to operate secondary devices like keyboards, MP3 players, digital cameras, and hard disk drives, as if they are locally connected. USB was introduced in 1995. It was originally designed to simplify consumer control on secondary devices and transferred data. Before introducing the USB, the main interfaces used were parallel and serial connectors both using different procedure to transfer data and control secondary devices. These connectors were frequently ham-fisted and required lining up several pins to fit the holes in the end of the connectors. Serial connector抯 offer slower transfer rates in comparison to USB connectors.

According to the USB specification, you can use passive extension cables for distances up to 16 feet. Beyond sixteen feet, you need a USB extension cable that will help to boost the signal in order to avoid losing data or damaging USB equipment.

USB signals can be extended with the help of many other ways such as USB extension cables, USB extenders, and also by using wireless technology. A USB extension cord comes in various lengths and thickness and service duties. The standard lengths of USB cables are 5m, but there are number of ways to extent the USB cables. Probably, the most common form of extending a USB is by using USB extension cables. USB extension cables are very useful for extending device signals over shorter distances and are normally up to around 3m in length. USB extension cables are very useful for their 憄lug and play?capability. This is the best advantage a user can get while using many smaller devices like MP3 players and web cams and many other devices. Most extension cables can be chained so several can be added to one another to create a longer extension.

USB extension cables are not only perfect for smaller devices such as MP3 players, memory sticks, and Bluetooth dongles, but it is also useful for larger devices like printers, scanners etc. An USB extension device allows extensions of USB 1.1 and 2.0 devices beyond the 5 meter USB connection limit. With the help of these devices, the extension can range from 100 meters up to 10 kms, but it depends on the channel which is used for connection.

These USB extension devices combine the speed and security while transferring any kind of confidential data. With the help of these USB extension cables users can control very easily low as well as high speed USB devices in comparison to other devices.

USB signals can also be extended using wireless technology but USB extension cables are used most commonly all over the world because the USB extensions cords are available in cheap price compared to other devices as well as it is very easy to operate compared to others.

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Usb Extension Cables
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