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  Using the Fastback S41 Edge Splitter and Setting the Paper Stop

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PostSubject: Using the Fastback S41 Edge Splitter and Setting the Paper Stop   Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:27 pm

The Powis Parker Fastback S41 edge
splitter is a unique device that is designed to quickly and easily
prepare documents printed on hard-to-bind papers for thermal adhesive
binding. This article will provide step by step
instructions for using the Fastback edge splitter and for adjusting the
paper stop (an important aspect to the S41's operation).

Using the Edge Splitter

The Fastback edge splitter is extremely easy to use. However, care must
be taken to ensure that all the sheets in a document are evenly jogged
before splitting the paper. For optimal results, some papers may
require special adjustments to the splitter settings. If necessary, it
is possible to adjust the depth, rate, and pass modes to settings for
the paper being prepared before you start the edge preparation process.
These advanced settings are not discussed here but will be the subject
of another article.

1. Check the paper stop. It should be 1/32" from the edge of the paper.
Adjust if necessary. Instructions for adjusting the paper stop are
found below.

2. Place paper in the book cavity aligned to the right side. The
jogging motor will automatically start. Lightly apply pressure to the
top edge of the paper and allow the machine to jog for a few seconds to
ensure that all the sheets are properly aligned before splitting. The
sound you hear at this point is only the jogging motor. The splitting
process will not begin until you push the green button. If the paper
stop is placed too close to the paper, it may cause the sheets to ride
up out of the splitter. If the stop is placed too far away, the paper
will move around in the Splitter, which may interfere with the
machine's ability to adequately prepare the paper.

3. Continue to press lightly on the top edge of the paper and push the
green button. The jogging motor stops, the paper is clamped, and the
splitting process begins. The display will read: "WORKING" To halt the
paper preparation process in progress, press the HALT button. Depending
on where it is in the cycle, the process may take a few seconds to

4. When the display reads "REMOVE BOOK" remove the book block from the
splitter. The book block is now ready for binding (please refer to your
binding manual for instructions on binding).

Setting the Paper Stop:

The paper stop prevents the paper from moving laterally in the book
cavity during the jogging and edge splitting process, ensuring better
results. The paper stop is easily adjusted to any position you wish
along the support fence. Here is how you adjust the paper stop...

1. Loosen the paper stop by holding the rear portion of the stop and
turning the front portion of the stop counter clockwise.

2. Move the paper stop so that it is approximately 1/32" (or 1mm) from
the edge of the paper. It is important to leave a slight space between
the paper and the paper stop. If the stop is positioned too closely to
the book it can cause the sheets to ride up. If the stop is too far the
paper will move around too much and the edge will not be properly

3. Tighten the paper stop.
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Using the Fastback S41 Edge Splitter and Setting the Paper Stop
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