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 Tips for Acer Laptop Batteries.

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Tips for Acer Laptop Batteries. Empty
PostSubject: Tips for Acer Laptop Batteries.   Tips for Acer Laptop Batteries. I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 17, 2011 3:35 pm

Acer laptop batteries are available in different types - Lithium-ion (Li-ion), Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH). Li-ion batteries are the latest developments and also the most efficient ones. However, one has to apply several tricks to maximize the battery life and retain a powerful power backup.

Acer Laptop Batteries: Information for Acer Laptop computer Users
The following are some important information about using Acer laptop battery packs:
1. A brand new battery pack needs to be charged to the top before use. Recalibration is also a good for typically the battery, when done every two months.
2. Rechargeable batteries self-discharge when left unused for a long time.
3. Screen brightness draws tremendously on the battery.
4. There are many in-built features during Acer laptops that solution power management.
5. Peripherals, such as printers, external storage products, CDs and joysticks, draw on the battery.
6. Anti-virus software and screen savers too reduce battery backup.
7. Short circuiting of terminals, storing batteries with metallic items, exposing them to extreme conditions of temperature or seepage, and mishandling are all harmful to battery life.
8. Batteries get warm when used for a long period; however, if it will get too hot, you must get it checked.

Acer Laptop Batteries: Optimizing Performance
There are some easy methods for maximizing Acer laptop electrical power performance:
1. Turn away all inessential functions, be it DVDs or multiple websites on the internet, when not in implement. This includes not using anti-virus software when the Internet is not seen. Set the screen saver to blank within one or two minutes of rest.
2. Use batteries only at room temperature. Exposure to direct sunlight or dust can hurt electronic components, while a return from cold temperature to normal temperature will result in condensation within the electric.
3. Adding an extra RAM will reduce hard drive usage and assist strength conservation.
4. Avoid keeping the battery plugged in an electrical outlet for extensive periods, since it reduces battery life.
5. Use the system抯 in-built power administration functions. Using this function helps increase battery sustainability. In Windows XP, the 慞ower Options? in the control panel is designed to fulfill this function.

Finding a suitable Acer battery replacement is no longer a challenge, given the wide variety of resources available online. Several online stores provide new and 100% similar value Acer laptop batteries for extremely reasonable prices. Visit the site and purchase high-quality replacement batteries for those leading brands and models of laptops.
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Tips for Acer Laptop Batteries.
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