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 GPS Buyer's Guide David Diamond.

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PostSubject: GPS Buyer's Guide David Diamond.   GPS Buyer's Guide David Diamond. I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 16, 2011 3:48 pm

For drivers in The usa who are tired of viewing maps and pulling into gas stations to get directions the fresh technology of GPS may be the answer. GPS or Global Positioning Systems are an affordable and reliable way for finding your exact location on the globe at any given time. For the driver this could certainly mean never having to seem a road map again. This is a brief introduction to your major brands of GPS units and a few information about each.
Garmin offers two different types of GPS units and many models for each type. The larger of each the Streetpilot is used to be mounted in your truck and provides street to help street directions map and much more useful information during everyone trip. Some of a lot more recent models of the Streetpilot offer voicecapabilities and will vocally give a airport taxi driver directions. The Quest offer many of the same features as the Streetpilot but it comes in a smaller handheld size and is battery powered. The Quest may be a better option if you often find your self leaving the car associated with and need directions by walking.
Magellan is one in the oldest consumer level GPS manufacturers and they are still one of the best. The Roadmates line from GPS units have been around for a while and the newest models are still in competition for the very best in quality. The newest types of Roadmates provide turn by turn directions to your destination with its bodily speaker. This line of GPS units are powered by cars cigarette lighter and mounts easily to most automobiles. The Roadmate 900 provides color 3-D routes on its 3' computer screen.
The newest brand of GPS unit comes from Tom-Tom. The Tom-Tom Go700 presents directions on it's 3. 5' screen which gives its display in 3-D. The Go700 can give vocal directions in a wide selection of languages. The most interesting feature with this unit is it's Bluetooth capability allowing it to connect to cell phones to give weather, traffic and road conditions for your trip.
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GPS Buyer's Guide David Diamond.
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