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 Asia-Pacific gas vehicles on diesel potential jointly holding a China tour - natural gas, the diesel, power - construction machinery industry.

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PostSubject: Asia-Pacific gas vehicles on diesel potential jointly holding a China tour - natural gas, the diesel, power - construction machinery industry.   Fri Oct 14, 2011 2:10 pm

And Shanghai Diesel engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter often called: Diesel power) jointly arranged the "Green Power Pioneer drive an even better life and the Asia-Pacific natural gas vehicles on the Organization of Chinese tour orgasm green diesel power trip" fun-based activities, with the "Pioneer Location, " said Shenzhen. The holding of it event laid the gas Engine Available buses, trucks, field placement, means in the foreseeable future few years, natural gas engines will end up environmentally friendly construction, energy-saving force locally.

2008 year, the diesel power into SAIC, not only relying without treatment complete system of diesel engine products, a Shanghai Vehicle Construction of commercial truck components system, an important member of the core. SAIC-owned Chongqing Hongyan heavy-duty pickups, light trucks, Yuejin Nanjing Automotive and Shanghai Sunwin Tour bus, Shanghai Huizhong and some other bus companies, and a number of other strong demand for the diesel engine from the car market up again laid a powerful foundation.

Power market inside China, the wood has become the pioneer of solutions: From 1958 to pattern, create the first fully Chinese-made engine from the 6135 start to the sounding rocket engine, the primary China-made navy throw the boat engine from the assembly line, the initial China-made power internal combustion train locomotives, the diesel engine regularly fill the blank regarding China.

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ANGVA China tour is just like the Olympic torch relay inside a project, the starting point of the event is passed in order to Iran, end the Korean, suggests Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. China held a 100 % of two stops, start out the ceremony in Shenzhen, this closing ceremony of Tianjin. April 2009 27 to up to 29, Dongguk Gimhae (Donghae) City will host your third Asia-Pacific Natural Gas Autos Conference and Exhibition, the project will likely be delivered to the internet site.

News Links: ANGVA the Asia-Pacific gas vehicle body, the Asia-Pacific region's most influential gas associations, members of this firms in upstream and additionally downstream gas industry, relevant government departments and national associations and many others.

ANGVA hope green tour (GreenHighwaysProject) activities to enhance and increase natural gas vehicles over the gas equipment and many other related industries. Project in each country employ a major Cooperation Partners, the leading basis for cooperation not to mention partners will determine the actual pattern of activity.

Diesel powered power that Shanghai Diesel powered Engine Co., Ltd., to be a development, design, manufacture, Sell Available as one large state-owned high-tech company, business scope covers this engine, fuel system, diesel Generator And many others. State and above typically the engine was named "2010 Shanghai World Expo will likely be designated green engine" name.

Company products are: 114 line, 121 series, 135 line, are widely used on trucks, buses, Construction Machinery, Ships, mobile power station along with areas, products are exported to in excess of 50 countries and cities. The basis of the present products, the company has also developed a CNG and LNG, DME, and hybrid along with new products to boost the company's response to Energy Shortage of convenience of sustainable development.

On diesel will likely be "quality, technology and services" for the reason that company's three core demanding advantage. Diesel gas engine is within the technical advantages of the particular concentrated expression. Standing for a new platform, the company established to keep diesel machinery and equipment for your field of engineering is actually main supplier status, most of us will vigorously develop typically the field of vehicle coordinating the strategic objectives. Having years of technical fineness to, scientific and scientific strength, and gradually developed in to the scale and technical higher level of production and marketing are in the field of industry-leading multi-level independent company of diesel engines, in this particular process, the wood this company will also contribute towards community more and far better green power and different energy power. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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Asia-Pacific gas vehicles on diesel potential jointly holding a China tour - natural gas, the diesel, power - construction machinery industry.
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